What does Xada mean?

The "X" in Xada comes from the "X" in Alex and the "ada" comes from Adams.


How do you pronounce Xada?



Who uses hammocks?

Hammocks are used by anybody who wants to get away from stress. They were originally designed with campers in mind but college students use them to relax between classes.


How do I hang my hammock?

We recommend adjusting the ropes between the hammocks so that the side you plan on laying your head in is higher and also we like to make that rope shorter. You also want to have some slack in the line between the two trees.


Do I need to know how to tie knots?

No, our rope system is easily adjustable. You can adjust it without undoing any attachments or not tying.


How does the no knoting tying rope system work?

It works like a Chinese finger trap.


How big of a tree do I need to hang my hammock?

You need two trees that are about a foot in diameter and are sturdy.


Does the rope system hurt the trees?

No, we have made it from thick polyester webbing that won’t hurt the trees.


My ropes stretched while I was in the hammock?

It is normal for the ropes to stretch the first couple of times you use the hammock. This will go away after a few uses.


Can I wash my hammock?

Yes you can. We recommend that you remove the ropes from the hammock and wash it by hand or on a delicate cycle in a washing machine.


How much weight can the hammock hold?

The Model 302 can carry two people or 400 Ibs, whichever is reached first.