The Company

Our Story

Alex Adams decided to start producing his own hammocks because he wanted to make a high quality hammock but make it more affordable. During his freshman year in college he started renting hammocks from his dorm's front desk but it eventually got to the point that all the hammocks were rented out so he decided to purchase his own. He thought it seemed crazy that you had to buy the hammock and rope system separately and when you finally got the whole hammock system the price was way too expensive for a college student to afford. He knew then that he wanted to make a hammock that would cost $55 for the whole system. This would make it more affordable, especially for college students. He also knew that he did not want to sacrifice quality or ease-of-use. He ending up making rope system based on the whoopie sling which functions very much like a Chinese finger trap and does not require any knot tying. The rope system was also made from polyester so it would not stretch once you sit down in your hammock. With these ideas, the product that he created eventually became our Model 302 parachute hammock.

Why Xada?

Xada is all about value. We do not only want to make a great hammock at an affordable price, we want to give you a complete experience. We want you to be as stress free as our hammocks. Being a small company we are able to give you a personal experience.