The Founder

Alex Adams has always had the entrepreneur spirit ever since he was a kid. When he was a child he would detail cars for his neighborhood and family friends on the weekend. One of the unique services that he would offer was that he would detail people’s cars while they were at work or on their lunch break. Then as teenager he started a landscaping business in his community while he was in his community. The type of jobs he did for his landscaping business varied but some of the jobs included weeding, mowing, landscaping, and pressure washing. While running this business during high school he acquired a large clientele, learned customer care, and how to manage a business.

While attending the University of Tennessee he started a hammock company called Xada. He was able to start the company by winning a “seed-fund” grant from the Boyd Venture Fund during the Fall semester of 2012. He then entered in Vol Court during the Spring Semester and got second place, winning a cash prize, legal services, and a cash prize. Following Vol Court he participated in the Undergraduate Business Plan Competition and got first place in the “Growth” category, which had a cash prize. Through these three competitions hosted through the Anderson Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the University of Tennessee he was able to fund his venture and make his dream a reality.

Adams advice for other with the entrepreneur spirit is simple – “pick an idea you like and start going with it because it never hurts to try.”